Countryside Members Approve Merger!

Leadership (CEO and Board of Directors)

Q: Who is going to be CEO of the new Cooperative?

Both boards of directors unanimously selected Jim Dell as the CEO of the new cooperative.

Q: Why not pursue a leader outside of Landmark or Countryside for the new cooperative?

Both boards of directors unanimously selected Jim Dell as the new CEO and strongly believe in Jim’s vision and ability to lead the new organization to success. It’s important to ensure continuity and stability in leadership for the new cooperative as we’re faced with ongoing challenges in the ag markets and with the recent pandemic.

Q: What will happen to the existing CEOs for both cooperatives?

Frank Brenner and Jim Dell worked together closely throughout the merger review process and immediately focused on what would make the merger a success for both cooperatives, our members and employees. After a “Yes” vote to approve the merger, Frank and Jim will continue to work together to ensure that the unification of both cooperatives is a success.

Q: What is the new structure for the board of directors?

Continuity and stability of leadership will play a critical role in the new organization not only with the CEO but also with your board of directors. Once the merger is approved, the board of directors will temporarily consist of 10 directors. This will be comprised of 6 Directors from the Landmark Region and 4 Directors from the Countryside region. Eventually, the board of directors will settle on a total of 8 seats comprised of 5 directors from the Landmark region and 3 from the Countryside region. Upon unification of both boards, the Board Chair and Secretary positions will be held by the Landmark region and the Vice Chair and Vice Secretary positions will be held by the Countryside region.

Q: What will the new leadership structure be (direct reports to the CEO)?

Upon a successful merger, the leadership structure of the new cooperative will be established and announced around the 14th of September.

Q: How do I get in touch with my representative on the board of directors?

You may reach out to any member of the cooperative leadership team that serves you, your representative on the board of directors, or to the CEOs of the cooperatives.


  • John Creaser, Chairman (Region C) – 715.495.6882
  • Larry Kuhl, Vice Chairman (Region A) – 715.529.4573
  • Leslie Svacina, Director (Region B) – 651.261.3079
  • Ken Gabler, Director (Region E) – 715.471.0400
  • Tim Bates, Director (Region C) – 715.317.0030
  • David Lundgren, Director (Region A) – 715.501.0913
  • Steve Holle, Director (Region B) – 715.308.4690
  • Lorn Heck, Director (Region D) – 715.926.3410
  • John Rud, Director (Region D) – 715.495.2336
  • Tammy Smith-Schroeder (Region E) – 715.828.5601
  • Frank Brenner, Countryside CEO and General Manager – 715.650.7919


  • Jim Lange, Chairman (Eastern District) – 414.881.9423
  • Jon Prochnow, Vice Chairman (Northern District) – 920.210.9116
  • Kevin Klahn, Secretary and Treasurer (Western District) – 608.576.6776
  • Brian Brown, Director (At-Large) – 608.219.7031
  • Keven Schultz, Director (Northern District) – 920.210.8344
  • Max Wenck, Director (Eastern District) – 262.957.6500
  • Sandy Larson, Director – (Western District) 608.290.5545
  • Jim Dell, Landmark CEO and President – 402.469.1269