Countryside Members Approve Merger!

Locations and People

Q: Where is the headquarters going to be located?

The new cooperative’s headquarters will be located in Cottage Grove, WI. That being said, we’ll continue to have operations and staff at multiple locations and have the ability to effectively collaborate and communicate across the organization.

Q: What is going to happen to my local Countryside and Landmark location(s)?

As a new cooperative we’ll continually be evaluating all of our locations and assets to ensure that they are positively contributing to the organization’s bottom line, meet our safety standards, and are able to service our members and customers properly.

Q: What is going to happen to my salesperson or primary contact?

Maintaining business continuity and our commitment to our members through our dedicated and committed staff will play a very critical role in the success of the merger.

Q: How will this impact jobs at either cooperative?

There will be an ongoing evaluation of positions that will likely result in new jobs and some consolidations.

Q: Countryside and Landmark have closed several locations over the last few couple of years. Is that going to continue?

This is true, as both cooperatives have closed a number of locations over the last couple of years. There will always be an ongoing evaluation process for all locations and assets to ensure they have a positive financial impact on the new cooperative and are safe to operate. We’ll also continue to look for opportunities to invest in new facilities and assets that deliver value back to our members and the new cooperative.

Q: How large is Landmark and their operations and where are their facilities located?

Please visit to learn about Landmark Services Cooperative and their operations.

Q: How large is Countryside and their operations and where are their facilities located?

Please visit to learn about Countryside Cooperative and their operations.

Q: Where are the Countryside and Landmark Facilities Located?

Q: How will this merger benefit employees?

  • Creates a more financially stable environment for our employees as we continue to work in an ever-changing and evolving agriculture market.
  • Continued competitive salaries and benefits.
  • Provides increased opportunities to learn and grow through expanded duties, training, and career advancement and development opportunities across an expanded geography.
  • Pooling our talents and expertise makes the new cooperative stronger, providing a more stable foundation for all employees.
  • Allows us to maximize the use of newer assets to help our employees better execute their job duties.
  • Provides our employees the opportunity to be more efficient and better execute on their job duties through continued investment in technology.
  • Ongoing focus on employee safety improvements to make sure everyone is home safe each night with their families.
  • Expanded focus on solution offerings and the strategic value they will provide our members.
  • Expanded input financing for our members provides the opportunity to increase business within one or all divisions while providing the financial flexibility our members need.
  • Additional resources and assets to leverage across all divisions.