Countryside Members Approve Merger!

Policies, Corporate Bylaws, and Voting

Q: Are the requirements to be a voting member of the new cooperative going to change?

The membership requirement for the new cooperative is $10,000 of combined annual agricultural purchases and/or grain sales.

Q: Are the requirements to be a board member going to change?

To be eligible to run for a seat on the board of directors, you’ll need a combined annual total of $25,000 of agricultural purchases and/or grain sales with the new cooperative.

Q: Will any company policies change?

Both companies already share very similar policies.

General Questions

Q: How will the merger impact contributions in or to the local communities?

Both cooperatives have a long history of charitable contributions and recognize the importance of giving back to the community by supporting local organizations. That same commitment will be part of the new cooperative.

Q: How will the new cooperative operate with the amount of distance between the locations?

Though distance does provide a few challenges, it’s not a major factor. In fact, such geographical separation provides additional benefits and the opportunity for innovative practices regarding logistics resources (rail and river), allows us to share agronomy assets during fall and spring seasons, provides backup feed mill options, and gives us access to a larger talent pool in both areas (to both attract and retain talent). Video conferencing, instant messaging and other collaboration tools would be used for communication, and we’ll focus on the deployment of other technologies that provide efficiencies in all areas of the business.

It’s important to note that our cooperatives currently service customers across Wisconsin and in multiple states. There is more than 250 miles of geographical separation between customers in Landmark’s area and over 225 miles of geographical separation between customers in Countryside’s area. The two cooperatives’ headquarters are less than 200 miles apart from each other.

Q: How will the merger affect my community?

We greatly respect and appreciate the communities we serve, and it’s important to Countryside and Landmark that we continue to be viewed as a leader in our communities, are actively involved, and are a good steward.

Q: What is the vision of the new cooperative?

The new cooperative’s mission is to advance our customers through innovative and responsible solutions while focusing on our core values of accountability, financial responsibility, integrity, passion and safety. Through our mission and values, we’ll deliver on our vision of customer success powered by engaged employees.